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Important monuments of culture

Captain Diado Nikola Square

A town square of authentical revival arhitecture.

Popangelov House

The oldest arhitectural monument, preserved from the beginning of  XVIII century.

The Clock Tower and Old Bridge

("kivgireniyat" bridge, maid by stones) The Clock Tower was built in 1814 and the clock in 1815, still functioning.

Assumption of the Virgin Church

A national monument. It was built by Usta Dimitar Sergyov. The iconostasis was made by Kojo Vitanov - one of the most famous icon-painters from Tryavna. The original icons are treasured in The Woodcarving and icon-painting museum.

St. George Church - Tryavna

Its construction was designed and supervised by master builder Dimitar Sergyov between 1848 and 1850. The iconostasis and the icons were hand-made by masters of theTryavna Art School.

St. Archangel Michael Church

Is an exceptionally valuable monument of culture dating back to the Middle Ages; it keeps an old cross with 12 scenes from the Bible wood-carved on it; the church iconostasis and the bishop's throne have been recognized as masterpieces of the Tryavna school of woodcarving.
Kachaun Quarter P.R.Slavveykov Street
Part of Architectural and Historical Complex of Tryavna since 1979.
Arhitectural and Historical Complex since 1979. Someof the most famous houses - Daskalov House, Slaveykov House, Kalinchev House - from the time of Bulgarian renaissance are located here.
St. Iliya the Prophet Church - Plachkovtsy St.Dimitar Church - Skortsy
Built in the beginning of XX century.
Built in 1876 byUsta Gencho Kanev.
St. Dimitar Church - Neykovtsy St. Iliya the Prophet Church - Stanchov Han
Built in the beginning of XX century.
Built in the second part of XIX century.
St. Dimitar Church - Fureftsy
Built in the second part of XIX century. Some of the original icons are treasured in the church.

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